My day away


I think every mom should have an occasional day away from all the demands of motherhood.  And last Saturday, I treated myself to just that.  I asked my husband if he would be on Dad Duty for the day and then I loaded up all my craft supplies and spent 6 glorious hours crafting away in my mother’s dining room.  It was perfect.

This past summer I approached the owner of a children’s consignment shop in our area and asked if she would be willing to sell some of my hairbows I make.  I’ve had moderate interest at craft shows in the past and friends/family have purchased them from me so I thought I’d give it a shot.  Much to my delight, she was impressed and told me she would set up a display right up front by the registers.

Last week she requested that I come up with some Christmas bows to replace some of the ones that have already sold.  And that’s what I spent all day doing at my parents’ house.

It was a fun getaway.  What do you do when you need time to recharge and unwind?

Crafts allow me to let go of the stress and let my mind wander and create.

Here are a few that I made…

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1 thought on “My day away”

  1. So fun! I love all your bows and I’m glad you’re selling them! I agree, it’s good to have an outlet and to have a day by yourself regularly. I haven’t read your blog in a while, I have some catching up to do…

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